⏰ Applying Late and Doing Great ⏰

Applying late for uni is something that is really daunting; you’ve seen the groups on Facebook, your friends are excited to go and you haven’t even applied yet. I’m going to tell you my story and why I decided to apply late and how I’m doing now.  

After my A-levels, I decided that I would apply to uni with deferred entry and go off travelling. Life was going great, I had an amazing year travelling and I was ready to start uni. Or was I? Every time someone asked me about uni I felt a knot in my stomach. I definitely wasn’t ready to go, but what else was I supposed to do? So off I went, a long drive up from Cornwall to the Midlands to start my university course. I got to uni, settled into halls and instantly hated it. I didn’t like the course, I didn’t click with my flat mates and I just knew that it wasn’t right. I stuck it out for about two months before deciding to come home, adamant that uni wasn’t for me and I would never go back.  


Fast forward three years and here I am! I’m at the University of Plymouth studying BA Social Work, writing a blog about applying late - something I’d never thought I’d be doing a year ago. So how did I get here? I was working part-time, living with my parents and working on my mental health. One day at work I realised that the job I wanted to do was the one my boss was doing - that’s when I realised I wanted to go back to university. By this time it was mid-June - I didn’t think I would be able to apply for any uni so late, let alone Plymouth, the university that I wanted to go to!

I decided to phone them up anyway to see if they had any space on their social work course, because what did I have to lose? The Admissions Team talked me through how I could apply on UCAS, so I went home and wrote my personal statement. Writing a personal statement for a course I really wanted to do was so much easier than it had been last time, the words flowed onto the page and within a week I had put my application in.  

A week later I got an email asking me to go for an interview, something that really scared me! However the interview process was very calm and I actually really enjoyed it. I got the good news about my offer when I attended the Applicant Day. I didn’t realise how badly I wanted to go back to uni until that moment - I was so excited.  

For me, the whole application process happened in about three and a half weeks, I went from not even wanting to go to uni to having a place and sorting out somewhere to live. Applying to Plymouth is the best decision I have ever made, you know what they say, it’s better late than never.