What’s going on in summer for Hannah?

Hello all!

Sorry I’ve not been writing much recently, exams and coursework got the better of me! This little blog post today is going to be about the summer ahead, what I’ve got planned and what I’ll be getting up to!

Lucky for some of you, you’re free and all finished for summer! Because of the way my course works, I have to do summer modules (that’s what you get for doing three years’ worth of work in two year). So, for me, staying in Plymouth for a little while I finish my dissertation and other pieces of various work! Sounds great fun, right? It’ll all be worth it when I graduate in September!

My final deadline actually hits on the week of my birthday so, celebrating shall be in the near future for me! Once all of that is out the way, I am actually off on holiday this summer to celebrate the end of my degree with my boyfriend (who also finished this year! Whoop!).


Having a relatively shorter summer than other courses makes me want to cram as much as possible and I am going to keep myself busy seeing my dearest friends and family. It’s always important to catch up with your home comforts, that’s for sure.

Moving onto September, I’m back to Plymouth for my second week of RA training. Once again, I’m in the position of looking after and “being a mum” to first year students in halls. Such a rewarding job, and I seem to actually be quite good at it. It’s all exciting stuff! Then, moving onto my new course! Postgraduate teaching is the one for me, and I can’t wait to start and do what I love doing!


I’m sorry its quite a short summer, but I’m fitting as much in as I possibly can! Let me know what you’re doing for your summers down below!

Speak soon,