Other than academic things, what have you actually learnt from University?

Slightly different blog post from me! Other than actually getting a degree, I’m going to reflect and tell you what else I have actually learnt from my time at University.


SKILLS. The amount of skills I have learnt during my time is UNREAL. Organisation skills are probably the most important skill I had learnt because if I’m honest, I wasn’t really able to plan my life basically. Now, 2 years into uni, I have a planner on my phone that tells me where I need to be, any meetings I have, any deadlines, exams, when results are due back, even down to when I’m going to see my friends and family. It’s quite entertaining really. Being organised at uni is so important because it is quite easy to fall behind and can be difficult to bring that back. Being organised has allowed be to know exactly what I’m doing and what I need to do next.


Secondly, living with people you DO NOT know is a really REALLY good thing. It puts you in a situation that may be out of your comfort zone, and makes you get involved with new people – like you would in the real world. Living with new people gets you interacting, like cooking with others, cleaning up, having people to talk to, etc. It’s a great community feel and it really helps with your interpersonal skills which are vital for your future careers and future life.

Thirdly, I’ve learnt how to budget! This is coming from a Hannah that had not quite got this budgeting thing down until this year. It is always a good thing to sit down and look at all the money you have for the year and divide it into what you need to pay for; rent, phone bills, food, books, clothes, necessities and even down to nights out.


By doing this, it shows you what you can afford, and if you maybe need to get a part time job! The careers and employability hub can help find you guys jobs too! Student ambassadors are always in need! They are how I found my resident assistants job.

I hope these very few things have helped show you guys how university helps you learn more than just a chosen subject. As cliché as it sounds, they really do help you grow as a person.

Speak soon.