Life as told by an international student

As many of you already know, I currently work as a Resident Assistant and because of this I live with 5 incredible students. In this blog post, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you my Spanish-American flatmate Paula! She is 19 and studies Psychology.

Now, the reason why this interview came around is she an international student and I thought this would be the PERFECT opportunity to get an inside perspective on international living. I asked her a few questions and she gave me some pretty honest answers. I hope this helps give an insight to international living!


Why Plymouth? What was the most appealing thing about it?

Paula: I chose Plymouth because I wanted to move to the UK. Plymouth is a small city and that appeals to me, as does being by the sea. Plus, the classes were exactly what I wanted and catered to my interests!

Did you feel welcomed as an international student? Did you attend any events run by the university to settle you in?

Paula: As an international student, I felt incredibly welcome and yes, I attended events put on by the university. It got me talking to other students about when the events were because we weren’t given lists, which would have been preferable, but I had such a good time nonetheless.

Now that you live here, what is the best thing about it?

Paula: Everything is in walking distance and accessible, which is such a nice thing as coming from New York, we have to get public transport everywhere. Also, the people in Plymouth are all so friendly, once again making me feel welcome!!

Of course, you live in university managed accommodation, what’s the best thing about it? What is it like to live with an RA?

Paula: I like the people I live with and I get my own personal space too! Best of both worlds really. St Thomas and the halls team are always organising events which are a great way to meet people, which is extremely beneficial to me.

When I first found out I was living with an RA, I was sceptical and I thought it would be awkward. I even thought it would be a buzzkill however, I’ve got incredibly lucky and it’s like just having another flatmate, who just has more work than us. More love to spread at the end of day.


Do you miss home? How do you handle this?

Paula: If I’m honest, I don’t really miss home but that’s only because I’m used to travelling and being away from those I care about for long periods on time. The way I cope with missing people is by talking to them and Skype/Facetime can be my best friend. Although, at times it can be difficult because of time zones, I try my best to regularly talk to them all.

What is your favourite memory of Plymouth?

Paula: There have been so many positive memories since I arrived in September. I’m not sure I could pick just one. MY favourite moments are probably just hanging out in the flat and you can just feel a lot of love in the room. Aww!!

Would you recommend Plymouth University to any of your friends?

Paula: I would recommend it if I thought it was definitely the right fit for them as just because I love it here, not everyone will. But as a whole, I would recommend it.