So... What's happened and what's next?

Final year is upon me and some serious reflections have been made in the past few weeks that I would like to share with you all. Firstly, don’t ever let one bad mark destroy you. Your marks don’t define you, and there is always time to change the final outcomes! (just had to get that out there!)


On a lighter note, I’m graduating in September and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to talk about what I have achieved so far and what is next for little ol’ me. First and final year for me have been pretty jam packed… For example, I’ve become the social secretary for UPBS in my final year and now the treasurer for my postgraduate year. Working up those ranks is a good start! Society life will always give me the best memories and the bets people to call me nearest and dearest. I’ve even had a society and activity colours recognition nomination… Which is always exciting too! Just shows how much societies can help you out as a person.


Moving on, I’ve become an RA and this has given be the most valuable experiences I could have ever imagined (I wrote a blog on this not long ago – go check it out!!). It also provides so many opportunities for me in the future. In addition, this blog!!! This blog is a great way of expressing my feelings while also showing off Plymouth and the great university life I have had. I honestly feel like it’s been a great achievement to have been able to show how much fun and how much I have accomplished over the last two years.


Academically speaking, yes, I am on the Dean’s list. What a wonderful achievement that is in itself, however it’s important to remember that grades aren’t everything and as long as you’ve tried your hardest that’s all anyone can ever ask for from you. My greatest achievements have all come from this university but also, how I’ve grown as a person and how comfortable this city has made me felt, has made me really see how far I’ve come from leaving home.

While this seems like an incredibly emotional post, it’s been a great reflection and trust me, undergraduate degree… I’ll miss you. You’ve been the best fun and you’ve gifted me with great friends and the best memories. BUT, all good things come to an end and my next adventure is taking me down the teaching route. That’s right, you heard me!! I’m going to train to teach business because I feel it can teach some interesting lessons in life! Onwards and upwards after all.

Damn, maybe this is quite an emotional post. See you on the next one ey?