So... you're an RA? What even is that?


WELL. I thought it was about time I finally introduce you to my all year-round part time job… I’m an RA! (for those of you who isn’t quite sure what that is, I’m a Resident Assistant).

Just like in the title, I assist residents. First year residents who live in university managed accommodation anyway. The easiest way to describe what I do is by saying I’m the “mum away from home”. I, and other RA’s, offer a helping hand in the most weird and wonderful ways. From helping you move in on your first day, to someone you just need to talk to who won’t judge, I’m your gal.

Some people who know me will agree when I say I LOVE being social… this job fits me so well. I get to chat and get to know first year students and for me, it keeps me happy chatting to them. I also get to live alongside students, which is lovely because I have phenomenal flatmates who are the most understanding of my job and the role I have. Lastly, it helps pay towards my living costs meaning I don’t rely on my loans (or parents…) as much anymore! This job makes me feel more independent basically.

St Thomas Halls

St Thomas Halls


The hours aren’t actually as bad as you think. I work once a week on duty and that involves having a specific phone students can call any time between 5pm and 8:30am (no, I don’t have to stay up all night… Just have to answer the phone!), but I am available to talk all the time. Well, dependent on whether I’m at home or not. It really doesn’t eat up into too much of my university time and looks great on a CV!

I won’t lie, the job isn’t the easiest and it holds a lot of responsibility, but I certainly find it the most wonderful and satisfying job. You have to be impartial and always willing to help, no matter what the situation is. It can be tough, and sometimes you will deal with situations maybe you don’t want to be in, but at the end of the day our job is to look after the students and make sure they are enjoying uni!


But, despite this, I would not change it for the world. Through this job, I have made the bestest friends I could have ever had asked for (surprise, surprise. They are RA’s too!). They’re all my rocks basically and get me through this job sometimes.

I hope this has given you a little insight into what I do and how I live my life basically. Be nice to us, we’re only here for your benefit and we are students too! So we understand what you’re feeling sometimes, we’ve been through it too!

See you all next time!
Hannah xxx