Apps that will save your life at University

As people are becoming increasingly inseparable from their phones, I thought I’d throw together a list of my apps that I couldn’t get by university without. They range from genuinely useful apps to apps that can help with discounts; which is always useful on as student budget and even apps that just keep you in-sync with the world.

BBC News app

For me, this one is quite important as it keeps me up to date with the business world and breaking news. It gives you notifications of the most important world news as well meaning that you never miss out what’s going on and where it is happening.


I would be lost without Unidays. It is the student discount app that regularly updates itself and keeps giving you new discounts for anything ranging from food to hair to clothes to sports memberships. The list is endless and life would be a hell of a lot more expensive without it. Always a useful one to have!


Everyone who knows me will be familiar with the fact that I cannot put my phone down – it’s an extremely bad habit I will admit. However, as my current dissertation is revolved around social media and representing yourself online, any social media app has its benefits and keeps me in check. Whether that’s just catching up on what my friends and family do or using it for information about RA duty, I honestly don’t know how I would be able to cope without it. But trust me guys, it’s something I’m cracking down on…


Once again, anyone who knows me will know I am OBSESSED with printed out pictures and even have a wall FULL of them. Now this nifty little app lets you print out 45 per month for free, but all you pay is the delivery charge for them to get to you. Always nice to have pictures up, it makes me feel more at home and I love looking over memories when I begin to feel homesick.

Online banking

Now, if you don’t have this, you’re seriously in trouble. It is the handiest way to look after your finances and make sure you’re on top of things. Great for when you’re living on a student budget!! Having this app will let you check your inflows and outflows while being on your phone meaning that you can take it with you anywhere!

The Plymouth University app

You’ll find out seriously quick that it can be tedious having to log into the Plymouth University site to check your timetable…

SO the good people here created an app that constantly leaves you logged in and you can access anything from the digital learning environment to your timetable even down to bus routes. Seriously handy to have!

Hope this little blog helps you, its just a range of stuff I have on my phone that I find incredibly useful, at the weirdest of times!

See you next time,

Hannah xxx