The Exam Period

Now, picture this. Its January, you’ve had the best Christmas, and now EXAMS AND DEADLINES. Yep, that dreaded word I cannot wait to never hear again.

If you haven’t been around a university during the January exams and deadline period, brace yourself because what you will find is a lot of caffeine and stress. Don’t let this put you off because I am going to give you some survival tips of how to get through it. Just remember that a short term stressful period will benefit you so much in the future. Plus, it helps show you how much you’re capable of and how you work under pressure.

Moving on, here’s tip number 1!


TIP 1:

Be organized

Granted these exams aren’t long after the exam period, however, you need to get yourselves organised. This could be creating a revision plan, deciding what you’re going to revise and when or even just purely organizing your time.


TIP 2:

Take regular breaks

Don’t work yourself out! This could have effects on how you revise and you may realise that you haven’t actually taken anything in at all (trust me, it happens.). Go for a walk, go to the gym, cook a meal, call your parents. Do anything that is NOT work for at least 30 minutes at a time in between long periods of studying.



TIP 3:

Eat properly

I know how tempting a cheeky meal deal is because its quick and easy, however its doing nothing for the brain. The best thing to do is eat properly and in specific - eat lots of vegetables!


TIP 4:

Have something to look forward to after the exam period

So for me, I have two weddings to go to and that’s how I will be spending my downtime, but for you guys, it’s probably a good idea to get a treat together for when you finish. Whether that be a night out, weekend home, spa day… whatever. You will just need to chill after.

TIP 5 (and probably the most important one):

No one is perfect, just try your best and know that you gave that exam 110%


I hope these tips help you through the stressful period. Good luck to you all, I’m rooting for you. Hope you all achieve the grades you want!

And as for me?

You’ll find me somewhere in the library in a load of books.

Lots of love, H xxxx