Looking back - things to remember when you start university

Well would you look at that - summer is over and I’m back at university!

I’m back in Plymouth to study business for my final year and we all know what that means: work, work and you guessed it! More work.

Let’s rewind one whole year ago… I’d just got an unconditional offer from my first choice university; my accommodation confirmed, bought items for my room and finally, move in day!

Excitement, nerves, happy, emotional - just a few ways to describe how I was feeling that day!

All moved in!

All moved in!


Don't Forget!

Now first things first, you wouldn’t believe half of the things I left at home or thought I won’t need… let me produce a list!

  • Extension cable
  • Bottle opener
  • Drawing pins
  • Memory sticks
  • HDMI cable
  • Doorstop
  • Pack of cards

And these are only to list a few!!! Honestly, the smallest things you don’t think about suddenly become big issues.

Making Friends

Making friends certainly isn’t an issue when you live in halls as you have your flatmates and within the first week you learn so much about each other from who they are and what they study, right down to how they have their tea and what foods they dislike; it’s a rapid transition!

As always, my advice is to always throw yourselves into everything you’re interested in and you will meet the people you have common ground with. Don’t be afraid to be yourself!


Study Tips

When it comes to studying, one tool that I found really useful was Google Docs. This is a unique program that allows you to do work as a group or individually and allows everyone to edit it at home via their own devices. It also shows when it was last edited and who by: it’s a CRUCIAL tool for group work. You will also generate loads of Facebook messenger chats for various group work projects.

And then, when you get down to the assignment workload, set a plan and give yourself plenty of time to procrastinate and research as you don’t want to give yourself a shock and do it all last minute.

Good luck!