First year is over, it's summer time!

FIRST YEAR IS OVER! Now that's flown by and finally it's summer… I couldn't have asked for a better first year at Plymouth University if I'm honest. Congrats to all of the graduates and everyone who had exams!

Summer is now officially the time to chill.. Well unless you're moving out like me. That's quite stressful. By now, you would have chosen next years accommodation and sorted the people you're living with. Next year I'm becoming a resident assistant and therefore living in halls again looking after all of the students that move to uni in their first year so I may see some of you here in September!

Plans for the summer you say? Well…work is on the top of my agenda. Part time work is the best way to get extra money for uni. Yes I'm working at home, however the careers and employability hub will always have information about part time positions that are available in and around Plymouth.

The thing I'm looking forward to most is going home and being reunited with my family. Homesickness peaks when you see everyone going home, but the excitement of getting to see them helps everything. It'll be time to say goodbye to my little halls room and get back to the sea for me!

Thanks for a great year Plymouth! See you in September.