Plymouth? Why Plymouth?

Within the first weeks/months of university you will be asked a numerous amount of times why you decided to come to university in Plymouth… SO! Here’s just a few of my reasonings!

1.    The course was exactly what I wanted!
The whole reason I’m at university is to study a business management degree, and by coming to open days and doing my research I figured out that Plymouth offered me exactly what I wanted to study.
2.    It's still close to home for me, but far enough away to have my own independence. 
Originally, I come from Newquay in sunny Cornwall… But I was ready to start my adventures away from Cornwall. In my eyes, Plymouth was perfect because I can still get a bit homesick at times (which is perfectly normal!!), I can just gently remind myself that I’m not overly far away!
3.    You’re by the sea!
Being born and raised in Cornwall means that no matter where you go you will be by the sea, so to continue this while studying away from home in my eyes was just ideal!
4.    Campus is all close together
Unlike other universities I viewed, the university and campus is all in one place making it easy to get to lectures, seminars and tutorials without worrying about leaving a ridiculous amount of time before the start time.
5.    The Students' Union!
Now, as students where better place to go than the Students' Union for a drink, or to attend events. Plus the prices are great too (I found that out after I got to uni obviously!)

Hope you are all getting geared up for your exams and are really looking forward to coming to university here! See you all soon!