Why are societies such a big deal?

Ready for another blog post on how great societies are? Good. So, last week was the Business societies first AGM and guess who got social secretary?! YOURS TRULY DID!

Societies are probably one of the best things about university as you meet so many great people and get to do a lot of fun things! They enhance your university experience and you get to do activities with people who have similar interests to you. There is pretty much a society for anything and everything!! Literally, in your fresher week there will more than likely be a sports and societies fair, and you will see what I mean! The Students’ Union website has a list of all the societies if you want to have a quick peek before you all trek over to Plymouth! 

Now, societies are made up of a diverse range of individuals. So in addition to meeting new people, you get to experience new cultures and learn about different people’s backgrounds, which is honestly such a lovely feeling. They’re something I highly recommend everyone gets involved in, plus the events that go along with them are pretty good too. For example, there are fortnightly nights out! And these can all have different themes which leads to some ridiculously funny fancy dress costumes. There are also events without drinking, such as bowling nights or maybe even just a movie night. Furthermore, there are very large events organised by societies too! Like this year, the business society organised a 5 day trip to Berlin! Who wouldn’t want to get involved in that!? There are also serious events too, such as networking lunches which allow you to meet people that may enhance your future and help you find out where you want to go after your degree. They can be very beneficial to you so use them to your advantage.

Being involved within a society is a great feeling and will only do you the world of good! Use these to your advantage and get involved with everything you can to enhance and make the most of your student life!

That’s all from me now! 

See you in two weeks!