What’re we going to be? T-E-A-M!!

Regardless of what course you choose to study, you are at some point going to have to work in a team. And, actually, it’s quite a difficult task! In every module I have studied so far I have had to work in a team. Having the ability to work in a team is beneficial for your future, as everywhere you go you’ll have to work with other people. 

Teams are everywhere! Let’s just take uni for example… All the societies are teams! Sports? Teams. You might not quite believe this one but even your halls? You’re a version of a team too! What I’m basically trying to say, is in day-to-day life you will be involved in teams everywhere and I’m urging you to expose yourself to as many of these situations throughout university as you can. It’ll be so good for you all.

In business, you work in teams a lot. For example, my most recent assignment included meeting a client and producing a business plan for them based on what they have talked about. Now, the task may seem simple but I can assure you it was really not! But at the end of the day it boils down to how you and the others in your group work.

During my time working in teams, I have come to the realisation that communication is the absolute priority. Whether that’s email, texting, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat… It’s irrelevant! Just make sure that you all stay in contact and actually take into consideration what everyone is saying. Trust me, the more communication the better you guys will work together!

Hope this give you a bit of advice of what to expect!