So how is uni going?

As you all know I am a first year business management student, and I have just started the second semester of my first year. I finally feel as though I have settled into uni life and I think I know what I’m doing at the moment. So far I have completed 3 out of my 6 modules, wooo! It is absolutely insane to think that I am already half way through my first year! If there’s any advice I can give to you, its embrace it while you can. 

In addition to actually doing coursework, I’ve also been working as a campaign ambassador on applicant days and open days (you may have seen a group of us being photographed, probably looking really hilarious and cold! Let me know if you did!). Having a student job is so helpful in the long run as it gives you that extra bit of money and it’s such a good thing to add onto your CV. Plymouth uni have got their own careers and employability hub that can help you update or produce a CV and can also get you in contact with employers no matter whether the job is based at the university or not.

One other thing I have learnt since being at university, is that there are actually a lot of responsibilities which you have to try and find ways to juggle your whole life around. For example, you have strict deadlines you must stick to, otherwise you’ll get capped marks (hate to be truthful!) and you also have to cook for yourself. One way I’ve learnt to cope with all of this responsibility is planning ahead. It’s so useful to write down all the important dates and don’t leave anything to last minute, otherwise you might find yourself in trouble and let’s be honest, who wants that!

The last thing that’s happened since I’ve started the second semester is you realise who your closest friends are and you’ve found the group that you get on the best with and have the best laughs with. It’s such a good feeling to have them there and it really does have an impact on your perception of university as a whole. They’re there for the same reasons as you, so why not have fun and make memories together?

See you in a couple of weeks for my next blog post!