A Day in the Life of a Business student

A day in the life of a standard business student…



Typical starting time for me as I have plenty of 9am tutorials and seminars! So, first of all its breakfast time, which normally consists of toast, which is probably normally burnt as I will probably be late… Standard student Hannah really!


That’s it. I’m here. I’m in my lecture. I’m learning. I’m writing down as many notes as possible because let’s be honest, I can’t really afford to miss anything as it’s my final year so I’m just trying to absorb as much as humanly possible. Normally my lectures are in the morning and finish between 12 and 2. Give or take a few hours. 


FOOOOOOD. Now, lunch is a necessity in my life and many of my friends know and understand my life revolves around food. Lunch time for me normally includes a meal deal from the various cafes on campus (they’re so yummy!)


Back to the library to do alllllll my assignments and additional readings. I like to keep my evenings to myself, or for my RA work, so I like to get as much done in the day as possible. A standard study session normally involves doing additional reading, coursework or prepping presentations for my placement.


Time to head home! Long day’s work done and now I want to go back, see my friends and just chill. Not very often I actually get to do that though!


Dinner time! I love to cook, and I really enjoy it too! There’s so many good ways of making your food and money go further. For example, make a massive meal… and then just split it up into 4-5 days worth of food and freeze it! Instant help. Also, planning your weeks meals is useful too as you don’t over buy and therefore go over your weekly food budget! Plus there is tons of ways to make your food taste good too!


After this, I will probably catch up on TV with my flatmates. At the moment we are all into ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here!’ and it genuinely provides some absolute cracking one liners from my flat. I just love how social it is!


Now, what I am doing at this time is dependent on the day. Some days I will be heading to bed, some days I will be heading out and some days I will be on RA rounds. Just depends what day you catch me!


I hope this gives you a relatively good insight into what a business students life is like! Any questions, feel free to comment below!

See you in a few!

Hannah xxxxxxx