Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

Is it too early for Christmas? I DON’T THINK SO. Christmas and winter in Plymouth is a wonderful thing. I love bonfire night and Plymouth is known for having a good show. I can vouch for that as it was pretty spectacular, plus its free. Also, think about Christmas… that means parties. Most courses or societies have a Christmas ball/party/bash and even the SU have a winter ball organised! These are all such great events to get involved in and a night to help you celebrate the first semester nearly being over!!! (That’s nearly half way through the year already…!)

Darker nights mean winter is coming and Christmas too, however: are you ready for Christmas shopping? It is so useful when you first come to university to create a budget for yourself. This budget will probably cover everything from rent to food to nights out to extra money for emergencies (and no, a night out does NOT count!)

By doing this budgeting exercise (there’s loads online to help you, even your bank can teach you tips and tricks!) it means you will probably still have money at the end of the first term for Christmas! This leads me onto my point of part time work. As a university student, dependant on the intensity of your course, you will probably have a lot of time on your hands and why not fill that up with a part time jobs that isn’t too crazy? Extra money is always a bonus and can be the difference of needing an overdraft and staying afloat.

Plus, the university offers a lot of work on campus.

Just take a little stroll to the Roland Levinsky Building ad they have a careers and employability hub that can help you secure: SU bar jobs, student ambassador roles, course rep roles and open day work, they have roles for nearly everything, even down to people like me… Resident Assistants!! (we don’t bite, don’t believe any stories you hear about us.)

Moving on again, I hope you’re also managing your time well and sticking to deadlines. Try not to leave everything to last minute as that causes major stress and panic. And let’s be honest, what wants that? Even if your deadline is two weeks away, start early! You never know how long procrastination may take and how many other things may pop up over time.

Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying you time at university! And if you’re applying through UCAS at the moment, GOOD LUCK! I know exactly what you’re feeling right now. Show them just exactly what you’re capable of.

Signing off for now,

Hannah xxxxx