So how is final year treating you, Hannah?

It’s still crazy to think that I’m in my final year here at Plymouth. So far I have worked an Open Day and met so many of your lovely faces (you would have seen me in a residence life coat!) and submitted work. The library has most certainly been my best friend this semester and my personal tutor has been an absolute god send. I highly recommend that you visit your personal tutors regularly as they provide the most exceptional references!

Furthermore, I have been adventuring down to the Hoe regularly on my days off just admiring Plymouth’s wonderful coastline! I highly recommend it to anyone who will be visiting us here at uni! In addition to this, I’ve been visiting the Barbican loads too. It’s such a beautiful place to get a quick drink and they do the most insane fish and chips. Seems quite fitting as you’re by the sea…

University life has so much to offer at the moment and I want to embrace it as much as I can, considering it’s the final year of being here in Plymouth. As I’ve probably mentioned once or twice, or maybe a couple hundred times, I love Plymouth. I love being by the coast and I love campus because everything is so close together. This is such a selling point for students as it means you won’t get lost in your first few weeks, and it’s a very pretty campus (especially in the sunshine!). If you get a chance to visit, I highly recommend it! Plymouth is such an up and coming university and is currently rocketing through league tables and it makes me feel so happy that I have been a part of that.


Third year in itself is an immensely stressful year, but if you’re organised you will succeed. Keeping up to date with notes and constantly going that extra mile means you will benefit so much and will gain so much knowledge from your time here. Societies will also open up your eyes so much. As the social secretary for the business societies, I am all about bringing people who are interested in business together and it is such a rewarding job! When you guys come up and visit universities don’t forget to ask about societies as they will be a huge part of your time here in Plymouth!

That’s all from me now for the next two weeks!!

Hannah x