Is visiting an Applicant Day THAT important?

I cannot describe how loud I would scream YES! It is incredibly important to visit any Open Days or Applicant Days offered to you (take advantage of these! Loads of freebies…!). You have no idea what to expect until you are there and actually getting involved in activities going on around you. University is such a big, daunting thing and you are going to want to get it right first time! Applicant Days have got so many people to talk to and give you advice about anything from course content to accommodation to things to do in Plymouth. There are also other applicants too, so you never know, you might find people who are on your course at the same time!

Now, to help you out and make things easy, here are a few reasons why to visit an Applicant Day:

  • You get to see where you study
  • You can find out more specifics about the course you applied for and ensure its tailored to your interests
  • You get to view the facilities (such as the library, which is where you will spend all of your free time…)
  • You get to visit Plymouth and see the city (we have loads of city bus tours!)
  • You can get very useful advice all about student life (costs, accommodation, travel, what you need to bring, night life, etc.)
  • Current students (such as myself and fellow bloggers) will all be there to offer a helping hand
  • You get to talk to your potential lecturers
  • Visiting a university will help you choose whether it is where you want to be or not
  • Everyone is in the same boat, so you’re more than likely to meet people who are also applying for the same course
  • Visiting an Applicant Day with family also shows to your family where you’re going to be throughout your degree. It gives them a chance to ask questions too.

And if reading all of those wonderful points doesn’t make you want to go to an Applicant Day, your parents definitely will. I cannot stress enough how important and beneficial it will be to you all. I’m sure the last thing you want is to get to a university and not enjoy it.

Good luck with all of your UCAS applications!