It’s not just about the course right?

There’s a lot more to university life than just work, work, and more work. Your social life plays a massive role in enjoying your time at university. But for that to happen, you need to create a social life. Making a good social life can change the way you see university entirely, you have to really throw yourself into it as a fresher. In this blog post, I’m going to share some of my favourite places in Plymouth and how they help create a great social life.

One easy way to learn what there is to do around Plymouth is by talking to your Room Assistants (RA’s) when you first move into halls. Remember that these are current students who have a lot of experience in where to go out and what there is to do! They have the knowledge to make sure you guys will enjoy your time in Plymouth.

Social media will also help you… I mean, how many times have you seen a post on Facebook or Instagram from one of your flat mates and you’ve thought ‘Oh, I’d love to try there!’ or ‘Where is this? Looks so good…’ It never hurts to ask! This can be a pretty decent way of learning what looks good around Plymouth.

So, now I’ve given you some ideas on how to find the places that interest you, allow me to show you some of the places that interest me and where I go with my friends.  If you’re looking for a casual cocktail drink (don’t lie, we all love a cheeky cocktail!) I would go to The Dairy! They have some amazing and truly drinkable cocktails at such a good price too! Brilliant place for pre drinks before a night out! I found out about this place from a friend who lives in Plymouth.

CALLING ALL FRESHERS! The barbican is probably one of the nicest places you could ever visit as a student. It’s where Plymouth University gets its name as ‘The University by the sea’. You HAVE to visit this place… I mean, with some of the best restaurants going it would be rude not to. Some of my favourites include The Stable and Rockfish. A view and a good dinner, what more could you want?

And nights out? Well there’s plenty of places to go. If you’re part of a sports society, you’ll know about a little place called Walkabout. It is the place to be on a Wednesday night that’s for certain. The student union can also be good for a cheap night out! The SU is great for discounted drinks and is really convenient as its right next door to some halls. I think with nights out, you can just ask any Plymouth student and they will all recommend different places but I think that I've told you the key places.