Studying BA (Hons) Fine Art and Art History

My coursemates and I in Venice

My coursemates and I in Venice

I studied BA (Joint Honours) Fine Art and Art History from 2012-2015, and had the time of my life doing it;  I made some of the best friends in the world,  got to study in an encouraging and challenging environment and was given a dedicated studio space in the most beautiful place in the city- The Royal William Yard. 

A joint-honours course is a course in which you awarded equal honours in two (usually complementary) courses, in my case, Fine Art and Art History. I really enjoyed this course and the balance I got between the practical hands on time spent in the studio creating my own art work and the time spent getting stuck into books and art history journals, translating this research into essays.My joint honours course encapsulated more than just artistic and historical disciplines. This was something I really enjoyed about it, there was all this added value as we got to learn about politics, philosophy, gender studies, ethnography and more. By joining this course you enter a really rich dialogue about how the visual world impacts the social, moral, and political world and once you become aware of the power of imagery (the imagined) on the real, lived world.

My offset lino prints 

My offset lino prints 

Left: my studio space

Right: The beautiful Royal William Yard where second and third year fine art students have their studios.

As a joint honours student, I got given a studio space and had to create artwork but I also attended lectures from the Art History staff. As much as they could they scheduled these lectures so they were all on one day, which was handy as it meant that four days a week could be spent in the studio or in the library getting on with my projects.

I really liked the independence of working on projects, that for the most part, I got to frame myself, but also really appreciated how much the lecturers were invested in our projects too. We had fortnightly one to ones with a staff member who's area of expertise mirrored our artistic practice in fine art and in art history you got a taste of life in research at postgraduate level with your dedicated dissertation supervisor.

I also went on a lot of field trips! The Art History and Fine Art team are dedicated to ensuring that their students are taken to experience art in real galleries and that we all get to experience the best collections. I went to London, Venice, Vienna and Berlin- at no additional cost which is absolutely amazing! 

You can find a list of 26 things I hadn't done until I came to Plymouth here for some other examples of things I got up to in class and out! 

Yes! I wouldn't trade my experiences on my undergraduate degree for the world- I just can't believe it all went by so quickly. I changed so much during my degree, from my hair colour- which oscillated between teal and red, my career ambitions - from not having any ideas specifically I worked with arts therapists, in galleries and eventually ended up working in marketing writing content and working with designers and photographers, to the way I feel about myself - I've never been shy but my confidence is huge now and I know that I can be formidably successful when I trust in my abilities and put the hours in.