Spring (well, nearly spring!) in Plymouth

We are so close to actual, real, springtime! I mean, springtime officially starts on the 20th of March, but, lucky as we are here in the West Country, it's already pretty balmy out and I've already spotted the return of the Devon footwear staple: the flip flop. 

So, here's a little recap of what I've been doing recently and some of the cool things to do and places to go around Plymouth. 

For a sporty spring

This weekend I made the most of the warmer weather and headed up to Dartmoor, relished the warm breeze and spent a whole day without having to put a jumper on, which was amazing. I also completed my first half marathon! I'm training for the Tavy 13 (a half marathon around Tavistock- a small town 10 miles from Plymouth) and Race the Tide (a full marathon which you have to run fast enough to get across two beaches before the tide comes in!) There is a bus that runs up to Burrator, and the 3.88 mile track and the exciting paths and trails surrounding the reservoir make it an ideal place to fall in love with running and get your nature fix. 

I relaxed after my run by sunbathing, which was something I haven't done for months! 

Getting up to the Moors is one of my favourite things to do - in all seasons - but there's heaps of good stuff to do around Plymouth this time of year. 

For a tasty spring

For those days you want to take it a little easier, heading to the Boston Tea Party for one of their smoothies to go and a stroll along the Barbican is definitely in order. I went with some of the other bloggers for a photoshoot a couple of weeks back, and between us we sampled most of the drinks menu! It was a tasty tasty adventure. 

 Boston tea party 

Boston tea party 

For an adventurous spring

I recently went caving with Devon Cave Rescue, caving is an ideal all season pass time because no matter the outside conditions it's always the same temperature in a cave. Devon Cave Rescue and Devon Search and Rescue need volunteers and run lots of courses on outdoors safety skills, plus they're an amazing team! If you've got a head for small spaces and enjoy a physical challenge (getting in and out of the boiler suit and onsie was nearly enough for me...) then you'll love caving. You can find out more on their website. 

 Muddy and happy! 

Muddy and happy! 

For a university society spring  

I joined Adventure and Expo society this year and it has been amazing. They do loads of cool trips and are a fab bunch of people. Even if you're not a pro navigator and are still a novice climber if you've got the desire to improve and learn then this society will help you get the skills you need and provide you with a great bunch of friends to learn with. We went to Snowden in December, and in March I'll be going caving again and up to the Brecon Beacons for climbing and hiking. For a small joining fee and a nominal trip fee you get to do amazing things with amazing people. It isn't too late to sign upto a society, and for those of you who haven't started at university yet I couldn't recommend joining a society more! There's over 100 clubs and societies here, just take a look. 

For spring study

There's loads of really nice study spots all around campus, but my favourite is the second floor of Roland Levinsky Building. From here you get views out across the city and almost over to Jennycliffe. This is also a perfect spot to put the finishing touches on your essay while watching the sunset and get the benefit of that natural light with the huuuuge windows. I really struggle in the winter when it's dark outside all the time, find a work space that stimulates your senses and see how it benefits your work.

 just a picture of fun happy spring time!

just a picture of fun happy spring time!

Til next time :) 

Georgia x