YAY! We’re in the final few days and I can already imagine the brand new socks I’ll surely be unwrapping and taste those roast potatoes.

Christmas in Plymouth is great, and there’s mulled things everywhere (wine, cider and for a school night – apple juice!) I love the way the city centre is lit up and it’s amazing how quickly the plaza is transformed into a cosy Christmas village. I headed down with some of the other bloggers last week to film our Christmas video (keep your eyes peeled) and we had a great time looking at the stalls. I ended up coming home with some plants while Christy tried her first mulled wine.

It even SNOWED, not enough to stick, and yes it was barely visible to the naked human eye, but there were some flakes falling from the sky- magical!

If the Christmas markets are not your thing, and you would enjoy playing in the snow more then Dartmoor is the place to go. You can get the bus to Princetown (which is the highest village on the moors) and you often get snow here. The walk to Foggintor Quarry (where they quarried the stone for Nelson’s Column) from Princetown is very beautiful and the path is clear so you don’t have to worry about getting lost (but it never hurts to download or buy an OS map and always bring layers with you).

The quarry is simply stunning all frozen over. 

I've spent a few Christmases here in Plymouth. In 2014 I stayed and had Christmas in my student house with people who weren’t going or couldn’t get home for Christmas. Last year I stayed and enjoyed how quiet the library was right up until Christmas Eve. If you’re someone who enjoys having free rein to dance around the book shelves and eat as many crisps as humanly possible with as few witnesses as possible then you’ll love the library at Christmas time (plus, it’s still open 24/7 over the holidays).

I’m heading home on the 23rd this year, and I CAN’T WAIT TO HUG MY DOG. I hope you look forward to hugging and spending time with your loved ones as much as me.



Til next time- Georgia :) x