26 Things I hadn't done until I came to Plymouth

1) ‘Smashed a pasty’ (a colloquial term for the consumption of pasties, before I’d merely eaten them)

2) Lived by the sea

3) Realised how supportive tutors are how much effort they put into helping you out with your projects


4) Spent a summer going camping nearly every weekend

5) Learned how to use an old camera and develop film

6) Watched the National Fireworks Championships

7) Had my own studio space to work in

8) Swam in the sea so much my wetsuit never dried out

9) Learned how to type set and work with letterpress - like the olden days!

10) Realised I was actually pretty good at my subject; I was really lacking confidence when I came to uni

11) Went on a boat party

12) Struggled to decide what stretch of gorgeous coast path I wanted to walk on

13) Gorge walked

14) Rock climbed

15) Skateboarded

Foggintor Quarry, Dartmoor 

Foggintor Quarry, Dartmoor 

16) Spent more than 12 hours in the library

17) Lived with my best friends

18) Argued bitterly about whether Jakes or Chip Van cheesy chips are the best (its Jakes, obviously)

19) Went to a private view

20) Went to a private view of my best friend’s artwork

21)  Written a really big essay

23)  Did a roly poly down the hills at Mount Edgcumbe looking out over Plymouth sound

24)  Moved somewhere of my choice, fell in love with a city and made friends that feel like family.

25) Bored people at home to death with all my stories about how much I love living in Plymouth :) 

26) Graduated!