👋 Introduction 👋

Hi, my name is Gaius Timms and I am a fourth year BSc (Hons) Physical Geography and Geology student studying the University of Plymouth. So far, I've been in Plymouth for going on 5 years and I absolutely love the city and the university.

This part of the country has given me so much time and so many opportunities to pursue my passions in Scuba Diving and sports, whilst studying for an incredibly interesting and fulfilling degree. Physical Geography and Geology (PGG) has been the perfect course for me, teaching me the ins and outs of geology and the processes on the Earth's surface that are intrinsically linked to the geology. My course has been full of brilliant fieldwork experiences in a huge range of places with crazy weather coming with each different trip.

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As I write this, I am preparing to go to Death Valley with lecturer Dr. Matthew Watkinson, a few PGG students and some Geology students. As a very hands on person I have loved the amount of field work included in the course and the different lab exercises that we have undertaken as part of the degree.

Outside of my course, the South West has offered what I consider to be a huge part of my university experience in the form of the Plymouth Blitz American Football Team, the Scuba Society and, most recently, the Gaming Society. Going scuba diving and teaching the practice has been a passion of mine for almost 10 years, and being somewhere which offered as much as Plymouth did in terms of diving opportunities was brilliant. Since a very young age I have been coming down to Cornwall on family holidays and it has been amazing to actually live down here and experience life here. Being from London it has been a brilliant pause in a hectic lifestyle to live in a place which is very relaxed in comparison - even if university is hard work!


Plymouth Blitz have been an integral part to my loving my years in Plymouth and, although I had to prioritise my studies alongside a part time job this final year, I had played for 4 years in a row. Throughout my playing career I made some brilliant friends and also learnt a lot about myself, what I can do and that there is more to sporting societies than drinking, which was my initial perception coming to university. I have made friends I will never lose touch with and a bond with some of them that has produced life long friendships. I was the clubs first aid officer in my second year, being elected as president in my third but having to eventually turn down the position as I had to prioritise my placement year at the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.

I am sure that I will shed some light on a few things as I cast back to first and second year memories in this blog and answer a few questions I would have loved to know before coming to university.

Shall we?