Second and Third Year Student Housing top tips

Whether student halls or housing, sharing accommodation is tricky and scary initially, but it can also be great fun! On this blog I am going to talk a little about my top tips for student housing…

1) Housemates
Choose the right housemates, people you actually think you can live with, not just someone who you think is fun (that’s okay too though). This year I live with my best friends and although I enjoy a good night out with the boys from last year…. one year living with them was enough! 

2) Landlords
Private landlords can be more accessible than agencies when there are problems, also agencies often charge fees and private landlords do not. Last year I was with an agency and this year I am with a private landlord, in my opinion it is much more personal and problems get resolved quicker. 

When looking, speak to existing tenants and ask about how they have been treated, how quickly does the landlord respond/fix issues and do they have good contact details for the landlord. This is essential…its no good having an awesome house if you cannot get hold of the landlord when you have no hot water. 

Stay on your landlord’s good side. Pay your rent on time, some are more flexible than others, but speak to them if you have a problem so they know what is going on. If the house is not a tip when they come round and you keep them happy, problems will get resolved quicker…

3) Inventories
Get an inventory from the Landlord and check the condition of everything when you move in, so you don’t get caught out when you leave for damage you didn’t do. Photograph anything dirty or broken to cover your back.

4) Tenancy agreements/contracts
Before signing anything make sure you understand it. I had no clue and thankfully people check over everything. Making your parents guarantors of the contract will mean they can negotiate over the tenancy if necessary. 

5) Insurance
Check your insurance policy to see what is covered…getting a new laptop mid-term is not fun

6) Cooking together
Cooking together, whether as a full house or in a pair can save money and is fun! In both my second and third house we mostly ate separately, but shared cooking now and then, between people. That full house Christmas meal is not to be missed! 

(Thank you Chef Myles who cooked Christmas meal first and second year!)

This year after watching the bake-off together each week, my housemates had a bake off…and we ate cake for the rest of the week. Mary Berry eat your heart out…

Lastly have fun! Enjoy those house parties and a house meal (or takeaway if no one can cook)!