Why I've loved every moment studying here!

I am a third year student on the photography BA course here at Plymouth and have loved every moment of studying here! Over these three years my photographic practice has completely evolved, having never held an analogue camera before university, since picking up one in first year I have not put it down since. My main practice now lies in working with found/archival imagery, exploring our relationships with place and the past and how we look after them for the future. Three years have flown by and so much has happened! But more on that at a later date…

As I needed a portrait of myself for my blog, being a photography student I thought it would be a good opportunity to make use of my talented peers and get one of them to take my photograph. Annelliese Stacey and Alice Blakemore, who are also third year photography students, both work with portraiture within their practice. Having been given a brief, of making a portrait of me for my blog, in their own style, the photographs were entirely up to them to create, and coincidentally both chose to shoot in the daylight studio with very different results! Below are the portraits Alice and Annelliese made of me, as well as some images from their current or previous projects. 

Alice Blakemore’s Portrait

After sharing a room with me on our first year field trip Alice quickly became one of my closest friends and knows me better than I know myself! Having been a subject in her portraits in several projects I am able to completely be myself, even in front of the camera and then she is also an exceptional photographer as well. Due to our close friendship, and having modeled for her before I knew I would be happy with anything Alice came up with and I wasn’t wrong…

Below is the portrait Alice made of me: 

Alice’s Artist Statement:

The sea is a therapeutic place. It soothes, comforts and relaxes. The ribbon within my series is a metaphor for not letting go, a safety net and a link between friends. The equal distance between friends and I in the portraits creates a tension. I keep distant as a way to cope with traumatic events; they stay distant because they do not want to fully reveal their emotions. The connection to the sea is vital; having the feet immersed is liberating but shows vulnerability. Entering into the sea partly exposed allows the vulnerability to be reflected and allows the audience to learn just enough about the subjects.

Photographs below, from the project The Therapeutic Place, 2015

To see more of Alice’s work visit: https://aliblake.carbonmade.com

Annelliese Stacey’s Portrait:

I am used to seeing very conceptual work by Annelliese, exploring abstracted landscapes, with strong research and meaning behind them. Therefore, upon viewing her begin to explore portraiture I was intrigued by the results and having seen photographs online, I was completely in awe and keen for her to make a portrait of me. Again a very talented photographer, Annelliese also has an incredible capability and patience in editing which results in some beautiful images…

Below is the incredible portrait Annelliese made of me:

Annelliese’s Artist Statement:

While at University I have been encouraged to create conceptual work which has led me to work in an abstract manor however in my personal time I have explored the freedom of not having to have a concept which has led to a huge development in my photography skills and a new passion for portraiture. These three images are some of my most recent work. I like capturing the unique beauty of people’s eyes and that is what my main focus for these images. I personally believe that capturing someone’s eyes in the perfect light is what creates a stunning portrait. Currently my portraiture has no concept but now I have developed my portraiture skills I’m looking to develop a conceptual portraiture series to give my work more depth.

Below is a selection of photographs from Annelliese’s current work:

If you would like to see more of Annelliese’s work or get in touch with her, take a look at her photography Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/annelliesestaceyphotography/