My Open Day at Plymouth University

This blog will give you an idea as to what Plymouth University Open Days are all about and why as a prospective student it is worthwhile attending one. Firstly you will you get to experience the university environment and talk to both students and lectures about the courses and culture. Additionally you will have access to information you may not find anywhere else, on topics such as student accommodation in Plymouth and what the city has to offer that you may find interesting. 

These are my top things to do at an Open Day.

Experience the campus

There are truly a vast amount of multi-storey building on campus with many of them unique to each other in their design. This gives the campus an interesting feel with new and old buildings that are quite different from the rest of Plymouth. However, the most important aspect is the campus layout, as all the buildings and facilities are so closely located together that you can get to any part of the campus within only a couple of minutes walk.

Meet the lecturers

At the open days you can expect to meet lecturers that will be on the courses you are interested in. There will be scheduled presentations for all the courses with the lecturers. They will give you an introduction into the subject and tell you more about what you can expect to learn whilst studying this course. The lecturers will also answer any questions you have about the courses.

Chat to the students

During open days, current Plymouth University students are employed as Student Ambassadors. They will take you on a tour of the university and give you lots of information about the university from a student's point of view. I am a student ambassador and represent my course at the open day events. From my personal experience at open days, I can firmly say that prospective students I have spoken to, leave feeling confident that they have all the answers to their questions and a good understanding about the university as a whole. 

What foreign students will gain from attending an open day

I was new to the UK before I started university and unfortunately I wasn't able to attend any of the open days. As English is my second language and at this time my English was limited, I struggled to get specific information regarding the courses and extra-curricular activities without visiting the university. I believe that going to the open day events is the fastest and easiest way, to extract the information you need to take home with you to think about. I strongly believe that if I had come to an open day event prior to starting university, I would have gained a lot more information about the societies, sports clubs and other activities that were going on and had a better understanding of what I would experience on my course in the first term.

Plymouth University wants to do everything they can to make foreign students feel at home during their time at university. At the open day you can learn about the language cafes, which are where you can get help to develop your English speaking and writing skills, coursework formatting and strategy skills. There are also organised excursions which helps non-English speaking students to meet others in their situation and make new friends. 

Find out about societies, the Student Union and other things to do whilst at University:

You will be surprised how much more Plymouth University has got to offer. Aside from the countless number of societies that you can become part of in different sports and other interests, there is much more. The university has lots of cafes on site where you can grab a bite to eat or a coffee, including a Costa coffee shop in the Student Union. The Student Union also has a bar which has big screens and pool tables and a nightclub that is open most nights of the week, featuring different events. If your big in to fitness you can also join the gym or attend the exercise classes which run throughout the week. The societies will have planned events and trips that you can go on but there are always other trips going on which you will find advertised around the university, through your student email or social media. These can range from a social trip to a neighbouring city or a month away in China; there is definitely something for everyone!