My favourite places to visit in and around Plymouth

When there is a lot of studying to be done, especially if you are preparing for exams, it is important to get away from all the buzz and chill out. I understand the importance of having to rest during busy periods and I like being outdoors in beautiful places, as it helps me to clear my head. I love that Plymouth has several stunning areas to visit and the unique aspect of a mix of city life and the great outdoors within such a close proximity.

The Barbican, The Hoe and Royal William Yard

In Plymouth the three best places to visit within walking distance are The Hoe, The Barbican and the Royal William Yard which feature a whole host of cafés, restaurants, bars and the opportunity to take boat trips from one destination to another. If you type any of these places into your search engine you will find heaps of information telling you why they are great places to visit. However, my favourite way to experience these destinations is to view them from the sea. 

At the Barbican throughout most of the year you can take a boat tour which lasts about an hour. There is an on-board tour guide who tells you about every important land mark you pass, including the submarines that are based at the dockyard. This is a great distraction from studying and really fascinating to see how the Plymouth coastline has so many stories to tell.   

 Plymouth Hoe and Lido

Plymouth Hoe and Lido

 Smeaton's tower viewed from the sea

Smeaton's tower viewed from the sea

Beaches close to Plymouth

Cornwall and Devon has many beautiful sandy beaches, including some that are fairly close to Plymouth. You can easily get to these nearby beaches, such as Bovisand and Whitsand Bay by bus, or it is even more convenient as a quick escape from studying if you have access to a car. Whitsand Bay is about a 20 minute drive from the city centre, where you can enjoy the beach by having a barbeque with friends and watching the sun set behind the ocean. Alternatively, it is a perfect place for surfing or paddle boarding if you’re into water sports.

Canonteign Falls

One of the largest waterfalls in the UK is the Canonteign Falls, which are located at the northern end of Dartmoor. The Canonteign Falls not only includes a beautiful forest but is a great place to exercise your body, as it is quite a walk up to the top of the falls. I believe that students like myself, who enjoy outdoor activities will enjoy the experience of visiting the falls.

Buckland Abbey

Buckland Abbey is another destination for students seeking to spend a day in a relaxing environment. In the grounds there is a 700 year old building with a reconstituted roof, which is a fine example of civil engineering!

Lopwell Dam

Lopwell Dam is a place that will not only attract the engineering students but everyone who appreciates a phenomenal view of a river and the forest surrounding it. This dam is a landmark of civil engineering and its importance to the surrounding areas. Dams are a subject that you will most certainly learn about whilst studying civil engineering at Plymouth University. Also, there is a nice little café nearby where you can sit down and enjoy a cup of tea after exploring the area.

All these places can be suitable for studying too, especially if you feel a need for a change of scenery. In this day and age all you need to do is grab your laptop and an internet broadband key. Picture yourself for instance at Lopwell Dam, in the café overlooking the river and sipping a latte whist completing your assignment – how good is that!