Looking back to my first week at university

My first week of university was definitely a memorable one as I absorbed so much information, met so many people and really got a feel for what university culture is all about. If you haven't checked already, there will be a timetable for your induction week online which includes compulsory and optional events for you to attend.

So the things you must not forget to do prior to attending the induction week are enrolling online and uploading your photo. You will then be able to collect your student card at your allocated time during the week. This card is important as it is an ID card for registering at lectures and submitting coursework plus an access card to labs, the library and other university buildings that have restricted access.

As a civil engineering student, a key appointment I couldn’t miss was the collection of my Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which is required for attendance at laboratory sessions, etc. Lastly, I needed to register as a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers which was important because it is a widely recognised institution that will allow me to make connections for my future career by attending evening lectures and I will also receive the regularly issued magazine.  

Now moving onto the more interesting parts of the week, you will find a series of seminars on your timetable where you will be given an introduction to the course, get to meet your head of department and personal tutor plus receive your academic timetable. These parts will really make you feel that you are officially starting university and may get you thinking about the elements of the course that you are looking forward to the most.

During my induction week, there was also a session with a group of other new students on my course to design something as a team. It gave me the opportunity to meet other students on my course and get to know each other whilst working together at the same time. When I attended this session, we had to design an egg shell which would save the egg when it was dropped from the third floor of a building. Thinking back to this makes me realise how far my design skills have advanced since then!

Another great event I couldn’t miss was meeting the student Civil Engineering Society called ‘Civ Soc' which is run by the students, for the students. They organise talks and trips about Civil Engineering, as well as social activities. I have benefited so much from attending these events as it has broadened my knowledge of civil engineering, so I can't recommend enough that you sign up to this society if you are interested. There is also a Sports and Societies Fair during the week where you can meet other sports clubs and societies!

There is a Freshers Fair which is held at the end of the week. Here local and national businesses, SU and University services come together to provide discounts, offers, local information and top tips. No doubt there will be some freebies going too so make sure you don't miss this!

The evening event of the week is the Welcome Party held at the graduation marquee. You will have the opportunity to meet other new students, plus current students and academic staff who are part of your faculty. This is a free event which includes a welcome drink, nibbles, entertainment and a raffle.

Just think: the next time you’ll be standing in the graduation marquee is after you have graduated from your degree. So make it a week to remember and take the opportunity to meet as many people as you can as the induction week is a true celebration of your years ahead as a student.