Open Days

Choosing a course for you can be a difficult decision, as it may be the choice which defines you and your career. Making that choice is hard enough, making that choice from an 100 page is near enough impossible. This is why attending an open day is such an important aspect of choosing both a university and a course.

If you're going to be spending a minimum of three years on a course and in a city of your choosing, you need to know you've done everything you can to make sure it's right. Open Days allow you to do this, as they can give you a feel of the university and city, by making the most of your day you can see the views and tour the grounds (this may help with not getting lost in that daunting first week) and ensure that this place is somewhere you can call home.

The crucial element to an Open Day, is visiting the talk about your course. This is where you will make the important decision, well it's how I made mine. Listening to my future lecturers discuss how the course was delivered, how I would be on placement 50% of the time, where I can be based or even how I would be learning in a simulation ward, was all information that I may not have know had I not attended.

As they speak about how good the course is, the same thing goes through your mind: "they're employed to say that" however in this case, you can hear the emotion in their voice as they talk about their profession and the course, which fills you with confidence about the course. Further on, is the opportunity to speak one to one with lecturers and students, already you feel connected to them and the course, as they ensure you that this course is as good as it sounds. Hard but good they often repeat!

So if you want to know your decision won't be a regret, and ensure that you're on the right path. Don't just trust the book, be won over in person!