Hectic schedule!

Being a student isn't easy. Being a student nurse with essays to write isn't easy. Being a student nurse with essays to write and still socialise...well, yeah, you get the gist. During my second year I have found this out the hard way.

We've recently been on our second clinical (hospital based) placement, for me it's in Torbay, Which involves an hour journey either side of my 12.5 hour shift, tired would be an understatement. I have to do this 3 or 4 times a week, during a period where every hospital is full, knowing that when I get home, I still have that 2500 word essay looming, which for me means the deadline usually is the next day!!

On top of this, I'm in the middle of my health kick, which means I have to try and get to the gym 4 or 5 times a week (thank the genius who invented 24/7 gyms).

But I wouldn't change a thing! As I know, that the last minute essay is a big step in qualifying, the time in the gym will equal a longer career and those hours spent up in the ward, are the most rewarding times I'll have. The feeling of tiredness after three 12 and half hour shifts in a row isn't a relief that they are over but instead satisfaction that it's three days of helping children and families and knowing it's made a difference.

Plus there's always the standard group night out in Plymouth, which is well deserved.....