Media Arts - My Individual Project Part 2

As mentioned in a previous post, I have been working on one of my university modules, on creating a Double Exposure video, which I have named ‘Double Exposed’. In the past few weeks, I have been out and about in (and slightly outside) Plymouth to film footage that I could use in my video.

Since then, I have discovered another gem of a location after I’ve filmed and explored the place with my housemate! Mount Edgecombe is a great place to explore, with historic areas, beautiful gardens and a lovely cafe as well! We went there for a shoot and got a lot of photos taken and scenes filmed due to a variety of nice sights.

For one of my shots, I filmed with a purple smoke bomb (as seen above) which represents Sasha as it’s not only her favourite colour, but also one that represents her personality. Although my video was made for the audience to interpret it however they want, there are hidden meanings and deeper thoughts put into each shot. This makes my film have more of a vaguely guiding visual based narrative, as the video is rather abstract and experimental with no explicit storyline as such.

What inspired me to create this project with Double Exposure video is the idea of exploring something new and unusual. Although the challenges of it would be the stages of editing and the research due to a lack of references and examples I was able to look at, leaving it more to my imagination and software/hardware skills.

In terms of editing it so far, this style of video is quite rare as it is unexplored territory, which allowed space for me to experiment with techniques as to how I could edit it in such a way. Each white screen shot had to have a background extraction and some shots were more difficult than others due to fine detail (girls were more difficult as they had thing strands or hair all over the place). After several hours of editing, I normally complete one or two clips within that time frame, as I sometimes had to manually keyframe or extract it.

To create the idea or visuals of each shot, I asked my lovely models to answer a short series of questions that define them or describe their personalities, likes and dislikes and so on, with most of the responses defining what visuals they get.