Applicant Day

“Why should I attend Applicant Day?” you may ask, I would say that it would be relevant and useful once you have chosen or been accepted into a course within the university. By attending Applicant Day, you get the chance to look at your chosen course’s facilities as well as ask any questions you may have regarding said course.


Applicant day is a good opportunity for anyone who is interested in taking a sneak peek at universities and getting to find out more about their course, by looking at facilities and talking to teaching staff.

As an ambassador, I do my best to answer questions and show visitors around our campus. During my first visit to Plymouth University, one of the factors that caught my eye were the modern buildings. I felt like the campus was well structured and the accommodation seemed nice, and for me that counted as one of the main things to look out for on an Applicant day. 


When I work on Applicant Days, I enjoy answering people’s questions and clarifying things as it gives people a better understanding about the university overall. I have also answered questions during takeovers on the Plymuniapply Snapchat and Instagram to help potential future students (or freshers!) and whilst doing this, I realised and wished that I had interacted with the university before coming, or asked more questions as I didn’t take advantage of such an opportunity whilst I could have.

So make sure you come down and make the most of exploring the campus on your Applicant Day.