Valentine's Day and Dating Ideas

You may or may not (because some people are sick of hearing about it) ask: “So what did you do on Valentine’s Day?” But my hairdresser did, and in this post I will be telling you about it, and what possible things you could do on that special day in Plymouth.


So here was my day, it started with getting up in the morning to exchange presents, which is always an exciting thing to do! I then went in to uni to attend a tutorial but I was looking forward to breakfast.

After my tutorial, I met my partner in town, at Sundaes Gelato! That place sold waffles, crepes, ice cream and a combination of each! It is a great breakfast and date location, as it is in town and therefore not too far from anything else that may be going on in the centre. I ordered a ‘White Chocolate Heaven’ waffle, which as you can tell from its name, was heavenly, and very chocolatey!


After the satisfying dessert, we strolled through town past Union Street to the Plymouth Ice Skating Rink, which is located next to the Plymouth Pavilions. Here, we set ourselves up to …yes, you guessed it, do a bit of Ice Skating! It was really fun and it has been ages since I have last done that, but in no time we were gliding in circles, and it became quite a relaxed and fun activity to do!


For dinner, we went across the road to Revolution (Revs), which was wonderful as we started off with cocktails, then afterward ordered our three starters and main course (I had half a rack of ribs). As they had a 2-4-1 deal for cocktails we thought ‘why not’ and ordered two cocktails!

Last but not least, we got back and cuddled up to watch a movie in bed, alongside a bottle of wine, which was the best way to end the night!

Here are my top suggestions on what to do for date nights in Plymouth:

— Sundaes Gelato

— Ice Skating

— Arcade (Barbican Approach)

— TenPin Bowling (Barbican Approach)

— Walk at the hoe during Sunset

— Plymouth Aquarium at the Barbican

— Cocktails at the Barbican

— Seafood meal at the Barbican