Media Arts - My Individual Project

Recently for my course we have been given two new assignments. One is an individual assignment which has got quite an open topic, as we get to choose what content we want to create and on what subject it would be linked to, while the other module was for people within the course to improve themselves and their reputation and website professionally, which is quite helpful.

For my individual project I have had plans to continue on creating a certain style of video, which some people who know me may be familiar about. I wrote a post about this project before but here is the finished video I have created previously:

This time around, I plan to make a more complex video with a set of new models, as well as a new editing technique and style of outcome. As I would need to look for models, I plan to contact people I know with mutual friends personally as well as posting online to get more possible participants/models.

As the type of video I am trying to create is rare and still fairly new to film, it is slightly more difficult to do research of Double Exposure video specifically, and there are limited methods of editing footage in such a way.


To look for certain models, I posted on Plymouth University Freshers pages, which tend to have ads or opportunities posted onto it, and would be a recommended option for upcoming or new freshers. In fact, I have made several friends through freshers group pages and chats before and during my first year!