What I did over the holidays

How was your Christmas/New years? good?

During the Christmas holidays, I was quite the busy bee! Right after everyone got off uni to head home, I instead flew to Rome for a week. Rome was such a lovely place, with so many sights to see and places to explore, one week was not enough time to be able to go through everything that was planned! It was a great trip and because of that, time flew by really quickly. I filmed most of the trip and photographed things I found interesting or cool, and from that I plan to create a montage video/compilation that I may share soon! The architecture and artwork at Rome were stunning! It was overall a wonderful experience.

For dinner we always had a glass of wine with our food (classy indeed), and the food there was amazing! Around Rome there were also drinking fountains that allowed people to refill bottles, which was pretty cool as well. We also went to see the main sites such as the Vatican, Colosseum, Pantheon and the general city centre area. Here are some images I took as well as one of the clips out of my collection of footage!


After Rome, we went back to Liam’s family home in Bristol, which is where I then spent my Christmas with his family. I also got the chance to watch my very first football match live in Birmingham on one of those days! For New Years Eve, I went on a night out with a bunch of people in Bristol’s city centre, which was pretty fun. After the holiday, I was also quite excited to return to Plymouth, not because my dissertation deadline was creeping up but because I’ve gotten my friends a few small gifts and looked forward to seeing them again!