Working on my brand

Recently I have come across a wonderful opportunity, I found a video job at The Dairy! A private bar and lounge that serves cocktails in milk bottles, how cool is that!? I’ve recently been working on getting my name around and enjoying such a job is quite the bonus!

Previously during the summer and for work experience many years ago, I have worked in about 4 post production companies, two of them are quite well known within the city. Most of the work I did there consisted of video editing, cinematography and photography. Currently I’ve also been working freelance in producing and filming video montages as well club photography in OMG and the SU. I’ve also created a photography/general logo and started to brand myself and my services. This is one of the few important steps to becoming and looking more professional as a photographer or filmmaker.

I’m always keen to be working on different types of jobs, hence why I’ve got a range of skill sets, as it is always a good idea to discover what I prefer doing, and experimenting with different types of jobs! I have also stayed in Plymouth during the holidays, and during my time here alone so far, I have realised how much of a difference it makes to have students around! I’d say that students are part of the life of this city, and Plymouth’s community.