A collaborative assignment project

Recently I’ve been busy working on a collaborative assignment project with my course mates. It’s actually quite fun, but working in a group always has its challenges. When it comes to assigning group members with roles and jobs within the project, there’s often a struggle with balancing the work out between the group and ensuring everyone completes their fair share. I’m sure most students can relate to these type of scenarios, if not then you’d be considered very lucky to be in a good group. Anyway, this project is basically a competition for an award. We got a list of companies who are involved in it, with a brief page of what kind of advert they would like to have, and as a group, we are meant to pick which one we would like to go with, which in my case, is Walkers, the crisp company. 

We have met up and planned things out, and even shot clips of the ad, as we have only a few weeks to complete this all, and we had a late start to it. Here are some sample colour graded still images from the actual clips:

As you can see, we went for the comedy approach for out advert, which always makes the video itself memorable!

My main assigned role for the group was to do the behind the scenes documentary video, but due to one of the group members lacking in contribution, I took up other roles and jobs such as casting and storyboarding. Here’s the first page of the digital storyboard I have done for this project!

Apart from that, I have been juggling a few jobs, as you do. That’s what student life is all about! I occasionally work as a night club photographer at OMG, whenever I’m called in really, because it’s actually quite fun, and the staff there are ever so friendly! Also, as a student it never hurts to earn some extra cash!