Time has gone by so quickly! I'm not ready for it to be winter yet, as my return to uni after summer felt like it was only yesterday!

It just hit us (so has the weather, literally) that the time for pumpkin spiced lattes and hot chocolates have come! The leaves have fallen and the chilly wind has gotten stronger, which further reminds me of that as each day goes by.

So far, Halloween has been interesting as I got to practice and rekindle my artistic side by doing half skeleton face paints! Last year, my flat and I each carved a pumpkin and decorated our kitchen with bloody handprints! This year, my housemates have been busier so unfortunately we haven’t been able to do as much as we did then, however we did follow the tradition of enjoying a night out! Admittedly the face paint was a challenge, it took about an hour or two for me to do each of our realistic half-face paints, as for the other one on my friend Morgan, that took about 10-20 minutes max.

Not too long after Halloween was the bonfire night at the hoe. The event itself was packed and the fireworks were spectacular! Despite the fact that we were freezing, we still managed to enjoy the firework show, as it was all very mesmerising. We also chose to get some food and dessert there too! Here are some pictures of the said event:

As those have been the main events that have happened so far, excited is an understatement for the upcoming month and holiday! I have much planned for it, so stay tuned to find out what I do for Christmas/December!