It’s the most wonderful time of the year

As you may know, the festive season of Christmas has arrived! It is one of the most relieving feelings to have handed in work for my last deadlines of the year, and to be able to relax without the heavy weight of assignments and tight deadlines hanging over me!

As an international student Christmas is slightly different in my hometown, as citizens of Hong Kong don’t all celebrate Christmas quite like the British or Americans; with Christmas trees and decorations up, stockings, Christmas turkey, presents and all. Don’t get me wrong, they do celebrate it there - they do decorate the place and some families still attend gatherings but it’s just got a different vibe. My family unfortunately don’t really do much for Christmas, so last year I spent my Christmas in England instead. For most of December, I spent time in my flat in Plymouth, but I was lucky enough to be invited by my best friend’s and her parents to spend Christmas with them in Norwich, which was lovely! They did the traditional affair of having a Christmas dinner, unwrapping presents, etc as well as walking through the illuminated city centre. I’ve also made a video to capture my short trip to Norwich, which I have put on my Christmas blog post from last year.


This year, I will be spending my Christmas with my other half, starting with a week-long trip to Rome on the 19th, then spending the rest of the time with his friends and family in Bristol (Which I will probably keep you up to date on later), and also attending a bar crawl. I have been looking forward to all of what I am about to do for Christmas, as it is way more than I have ever done! Handing in my last piece(s) of coursework was quite the boost in terms of getting me into the festive mood!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

(Won’t be long until you hear people saying ‘New Year New Me!’)