Why Plymouth?

Applying for university is quite a big deal (we can all agree on that!) and you want to choose your options carefully. When I was looking at university, I was focused on the course content as well as the location. You may or may not be making your decision on the same thing, but I would recommend that you pick around 2-3 main factors that would be the most important to you, in terms of what you are looking for in your ideal university.

Admittedly, I wasn’t too sure about Plymouth being my first choice before, but boy am I glad it was! I did come in to the university for an applicant day, and what caught my eye the most was the university’s modern and colourful buildings and the layout of the campus, as most of the buildings were located either at the centre of the campus or near it!

During my studies at Plymouth Uni, I have learned and discovered many things, which I would not change for the world. Here are a few reasons to come to Plymouth University:

  • It is right next to Plymouth City Centre

  • It’s a coastal town - by the sea

  • University campus is well laid out

  • Great student nightlife

  • A huge range of facilities for different types of courses

  • There’s lots to do! Which will come handy when you want to do something with friends, namely:

    • Going to the aquarium

    • Taking a ferry to nearby places (such as Royal William Yard) 

    • Bowling

    • Night out

    • Go for a coffee (there are plenty of options for coffee in town!)

    • Barbecue or Picnic at the hoe

    • Attend a concert or stand up comedy night at Plymouth Pavilions

    • Go for Gelato in town (yum!)