Budgeting, part-time work and managing your money and spendings

About a month ago, I printed out my CV and walked around the city centre and university, handing out copies to several bars, cafés, etc to try and find a part-time job.

Since that week of job-hunting, I worked at Switch, a local café bar and club. It was a great experience and the members of staff were ever so friendly, and I really enjoyed it while it lasted. It really helped me open up and actually get comfortable with interacting with people (both staff and customers) and the music made it a fun job as well. 

During my time at uni, I have normally had several jobs at the same time, and since the start of my time at Plymouth University I have found several ways to save money - here are some tips!

— Shop at discount supermarkets - Shop around for the best deal! It may seem a long walk depending on where you live but the unbeatable prices will help you a lot in the long run!

— Shop for what you need before you get what you want - I know for sure that sometimes, you would have that little voice in your head saying “Treat yourself” or “You coulllllddddd get this as well, it’s only a few quid!” As tempting as it is, survival comes before luxury, so get the important stuff out of the way first!

— Learn to actually cook on a budget - Believe it or not, you can actually make good meals out of a few ingredients! There are quite a few good apps that come useful, and actually help you manage the food you have in your fridge! Additionally, students may find this site (http://www.myfridgefood.com) useful, as it gives you options of what meals you can make from what you already have in your fridge.

— Don’t be afraid to ask for help, there are many options! - If you’re not getting any luck on looking for a suitable part time job, walking into stores in town and handing your CV out is always an option! The interaction and conversations you may strike up with people can raise your chances on getting the job, otherwise, the university also has an employability/part-time job department that can help you on that, which is located at the ground floor of Roland Levinsky Building.

— Last but not least, keep a mobile banking app on your phone! It will really help you keep an eye out on how much you have spent and how much you have left in your account!