7 Days of Coffee

7 days, 7 cafés. I visited a range of cafés on and around campus to try out all the caffeinated beverages I could find!

Day 1 // Costa (in the SU)

In the centre of the university’s campus, the small Costa café in the student union is a nice meet up location for you and your friends. Since it is located conveniently, it wouldn’t be too far from any of the buildings on campus! Additionally, pool tables would be nearby, perhaps for a quick game after a nice relaxing drink. I’ve also found it useful as a meet up spot since my friends may decide to have a pint at the bar instead of a hot drink.

The coffee of the day is a Mocha, a good mix of caffeine with a hint of sweetness from the chocolate to even it out.


Day 2 // Reservoir Café

The reservoir café is a nice chilled location for a warm drink with a lovely view. I came here after we went to the university gym (in the Nancy Astor Sports Centre), which was around the corner from the café. I had a hot chocolate which wasn’t the healthiest choice after an hour’s session at the gym, but it tasted nice. Additionally, the pleasant sunny weather was an excuse to sit outside with a drink, in such a calm and relaxing environment! Not to mention, I did also manage to photograph a rainbow that appeared at the bottom of the fountain!


Despite me looking tired in that image, the drink (and view) was great and gave me a bit of a boost in terms of mood and energy.


Day 3 // RLB Café

It was a rainy and rather gloomy day, but today I came to the RLB café. This time I got a white mocha and a chocolate brownie cookie. The mocha was lovely, so I’d say it was very much worth it.

I went there with Liam and he got a packet of crisps alongside his large Americano coffee. The caffeine break was relaxing and much needed during such weather! The environment was calm and I’d say that it would be best suited for meetings and tutorials, since I’ve been here before to discuss my essay work with lecturers/tutors.


When I took the panorama, the café had just been closed up, hence the gate blocking the food and cashier area.

Outside the café, there is an outdoor seating/balcony area with a nice view of the streets and the main entrance of Drake Circus. If it weren’t for the weather, I would have been enjoying my drink outside!

Day 4 // Costa (in Cookworthy/Business School)

Next up, is the Costa located on the ground floor of the business building, Cookworthy. Students tend to go there between or after lectures to discuss work or just to relax. In my opinion, it is a nice little café; the staff was friendly and the environment was positive. If my lectures were located within the building I would most certainly be going to this Costa quite often.

Here, I got a regular Mocha. This café/building is located just off campus, near a local Co-op and the Plymouth College of Art. The Costa here would normally be filled in by teaching staff or students since it is part of the university campus.

The main seating area is well lit and as you can see, there is also a printer around the corner if you fancy printing out work or documents. A computer room is around the corner from the café too.


Day 5 // Caffeine Club

Its name says it all; Caffeine Club is a traditional student favourite, no matter if it is 3am or 12pm, it’s always there for you whether you're craving lunch, a late night dinner or an early morning breakfast. Since it is open for 24 hours, students or customers tend to enjoy a nice drink there, along with a filling meal to stuff themselves with.

I got a Nutella mocha and a classic breakfast, and they were totally worth the amount I paid! With the sun shining through the outdoor area, the place had a good vibe, and it was a great start to the day.

Caffeine Club makes a good meet up place, if you want to hangout or meet up with friends, etc. It is located conveniently next to Plymouth College of Art and across the road from Drake Circus, and it’s also close to some of the uni halls, namely Radnor Halls, Robbins and Gilwell.


Day 6 // The Library Café

At this café, I got a Cappuccino.

The environment here is nice. Quite a few students were having a coffee whilst doing work individually or working with others on group work and so on. The café is on the third floor within the library, which means that it is generally quiet.

Since it is in the centre of campus. the view from the café is rather lovely, especially on such a sunny day.

Admittedly, I have only recently found out about this café, but now that I know about it, I’d probably come again, as its surroundings are nice and quiet and staff are friendly.


 Day 7 // Drake’s Café/Kitchen

At this café I got a hot fruit tea (red fruits & aronia berry infusion). There's a wide variety of food sold here as well as drinks. The main bit of the café was filled with groups of teaching staff and students, as it is within the heart of the university's campus. Its convenient location allows most people to hold meetings (especially for staff), or casually hangout with friends.

My fruit tea was great and there were a few options I was able to choose from. The hot water and coffee machine on the side was more of a do-it-yourself thing where you choose a sized cup and pour it in with a press of a button then take it to the till to pay. Otherwise, there's the main counter/cashier area where they make it for you, located at the front of the café right when you walk in.

My Recommendations

Overall, I have enjoyed trying all of the different cafés out and if I were to pick out my favourites...

My go-to café for early mornings would be: Caffeine Club

The best option for a chilled location would be: the Reservoir Café

The best meet up spot would be: Costa in the SU!