Spending Christmas in the UK

So the holidays have been great, despite the fact that I have stayed in Plymouth throughout most of the Holidays. I still had a friend who lives in Plymouth therefore I spent most of my days before Christmas filming and editing Youtube videos with him, as well as helping him start up his Youtube channel, which is actually great fun. As you have probably guessed, I have a Youtube channel myself! I tend to upload travel videos and anything I can come up with! My Youtube channel is called ‘SimilarlyUnique’. Some of the content on my Youtube channel gives you a little insight of what my life is like, or what university life consists of, as well as videos from my assignment projects. 

Speaking of travel videos, on the 24th of December I travelled up to Norwich with my flatmate who has a lovely family who welcomed me to their home with open arms, which was really nice of them! I would have thought it was because they felt sorry for me if I were to spend my Christmas alone in Plymouth, haha! Anyway, I experienced a nice British Christmas day/eve celebration, which consisted of games and presents, a lot of them which I also did not expect as I was a visitor, but it was so nice. We also went to Norwich’s City centre, experiencing the busy malls and street shops. Here’s a few images I have taken whilst there and on during my journey.

I have also created a short video, called ‘Norwich’, to share a bit of my experience, whatever I was able to capture. Here it is!

For New Years Eve, I hosted a flat pre drinks party in my kitchen, as at that point, a few of my other friends had returned to Plymouth. Afterwards, we headed out to Oceana, which we all had a blast at! As some people have said, having a new years kiss when the clocks strike 12:00 gives you good luck, so I thought why not! Apparently it doesn’t matter who it is, but of course it would mean more if it was a loved one or a friend. Without giving out too much, I later on became good friends with the guy I shared my new years kiss with, which is great! At the end of the night, all my of my friends I had invited were pretty much best friends with each other! Shows how fun it is to meet new people, especially through friends!

I hope you have also had a great Christmas and Happy new year to all. Here's to an eventful 2016!