Highlights of summer

After working all summer, I've learnt to cherish and enjoy my free time more, so far, the only thing I have enjoyed this summer was when I went on a boat cruise for a day, with my godfather and his relatives. The boat we were on was luxurious, and modern looking, and looked really sleek inside out, and I had a blast. It’s normally very rare and expensive to do such a thing at Plymouth. Anyway, the weather was perfect, it was really sunny, and warm! Surprisingly, when the boat was docked at it’s final destination and we were all about to leave, it started pouring and a thunderstorm broke out, what a coincidence that is!

A snapchat photo taken on the boat whilst I was sunbathing on top/at the front of it:

Anyway, speaking of boats, I've also planned and organised an event (with the help of my flatmate) I am hosting which should take place on the 10th of October. "What’s the occasion?” you may ask. My birthday, which is on the 11th! Pretty much a few hours after the boat party itself. The boat I have booked for the event costed a fortune, but we have decided to pay for it by selling tickets for it! We also have arranged to have a Dj and a photographer on board! So far, from organising this all, I've realised that the process of organising an event is so much more difficult than I thought it would be, and a tad hectic too. But I've learnt a lot from it, and it would be quite a good experience, especially if the event ends up being really successful and enjoyable for the many guests in attendance! 

Back to the title of this post, another highlight of my summer holidays (to be) would be that I've decided to highlight my hair! What a highlight that will be (Literally)! I know it’s probably not that big of a deal, but I have never coloured my hair in any way, as all my life I have left it all natural (for the sake of being able to tell people that it’s current brown shade is all natural) which is why it’ll be quite a change for me!

What else, oh yes! I've started ordering items for my new room, in my shared flat, which really gets me excited for when I return to Plymouth, freshers, and all of that! I'm also quite nervous as well as buzzed to start my new course (If you've read my previous post, you’d know that I've transferred courses) as all of my course-mates would already know each other and I'd be the only newbie joining them. But only time can tell!