Excited for new beginnings

Time has gone by so fast, and I can’t believe I have come so far. When I moved into Plymouth’s Radnor halls, it was a completely new environment and experience, as well as a fresh start for my life, it seems like it took place only yesterday. I have finished my first year in Digital Art and technology, my previous course. I say that because I have decided to change courses to Media Arts, as I figured that it would be more suitable for me. Digital Art and technology was nice, however it included a module that really wasn't my thing, Coding. There were two coding modules, Creative coding and Web Coding, and they were my weaknesses. Other than that, I passed all my other modules with flying colours.

For summer, I returned to Hong Kong, where my family (well, just my mum) resides. During most of my holidays here,  I’ll be working for a freelance photographer, and alongside that, I have gotten my results back, which then pointed me towards retaking my Web Technology module, which I didn't do so well on (I however just scraped past the 40% borderline for creative coding). Summer in Hong Kong, especially with what I’m currently doing, is not particularly fun or entirely enjoyable, but I’ll pull through it.

The only thing I had that'd make me look forward to coming back to HK for summer

I’m rather excited to get back to Plymouth in September, and move into my new flat and reunite with all my friends and chums. I have really missed uni life and the thought of returning after summer is rather compelling and something I can look forward to. When I get back to Plymouth, I’ll (kinda) have a fresh start, I’d be starting in second year in my new course (under the condition that I pass my retake), meaning I would have to make new friends and get familiar with my new course-mates. I will also be living with new flatmates (apart from one, who was my flatmate from last year), who are all fairly friendly and I have yet to get to know some of them better. 

Here’s to new beginnings, and as they say- work hard, play hard!