New Year, new house

So by now, most students have settled into their accommodation and started getting cosy with their new house mates. I would say that I have done the same. I started looking for this year's private accommodation since September (2014), and after a few weeks, organised everything and sorted it all by January.

This year I'm living in a flat that consists of 6 people including me, my flatmate from last year, her two course mates/friends, my friend, and this girl who pretty much joined our flat at the last minute. Moving house is quite a fun experience as having a different room and living in a different location pretty much changes my way of living and my lifestyle too. My room this year is a lot nicer than halls, and a lot more modern.

What's new to me is mainly living with different people (apart from my flatmate from last year) and as we have a new Chinese girl in our flat, we all tried to welcome her into our little community warmly, and I do my best to make her feel comfortable with talking to any of us as she does tend to have difficulty with speaking in English smoothly. We have also started to plan and do flat activities such as flat meals/dinners and activities as simple as watching TV together and playing a PS4 party/group game, to things like painting ceramic figures or plates.