🏠 Top Tips for Moving out of Home 🏠

You never quite realise how invaluable a frying pan is until you leave home. Or bowls. Or spoons. I can’t quite tell you how many pieces of cutlery I’ve lost over the years. For some reason, cutlery at university takes on the roles of socks in the dryer: they just…disappear.  

Moving Out of Home 1.jpg

Leaving the comfort of your home where meals are cooked for you each night, everything is readily available, and there are no fights over who used your barbecue sauce (queue black and white war flashback) can be quite a daunting task. You soon realise you don’t quite know what you use at home and what you don’t. I can guarantee there will be or has been a shopping trip for supplies where you’ve asked questions such as: 

  • “Do I need an air fryer?” 

  • “How many spatulas will I use? Probably at least six.” 

  • “Do I sleep on two pillows…or nine?” 

It’s truly a testing time.  

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Start by making a list of everything you might need. The best bet here is to ask your parents or elder siblings as they most likely will have gone to uni before or at least have definitely moved out of home. Kitchen supplies are the most useful but don’t forget things like towels and toiletries for the bathroom. Each day, make a note of the items you use around your home and would want to use again at uni. Remember, things like toilet paper, shampoo, soap, and conditioner can all be bought when you’ve moved in so they don’t need to be taken with you. The same goes for food and snacks.  

The next step is whittling down your wardrobes and cupboards to clothes you actually wear. Start by picking up the things you might wear and create a pile of things you definitely don’t. Packing for uni is a great way to de-clutter as you soon begin to realise how many items you never actually use anymore. If you have too many things, then start to be a bit more brutal. When was the last time you actually used each item or wore that item of clothing? The chances are there are a few things you’ll take with you thinking you’ll use but never will, but this gets easier the more you move.   

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If I were you, I would pack everything that you can fit in the car. Say you get to uni and there’s a variety of things you don’t need, you can always give them to a charity shop, lend them out to friends, or store them away to be taken home. As long as you have the necessities, then having too much isn’t really an issue. You’re always going to forget something, but there won’t be anything you can’t nab from a quick trip into town. Not to mention, you can always pick up anything when you go back for Christmas.