Summer/MTV Crashes Plymouth 2017


Being on a Nursing course means my summer is only 2 months long, and this means that I have to cram in as much as I possibly can to make the most of my free time.


The day I finished my placement, my friends who were still in Plymouth and myself travelled to the Isle of Wight to celebrate our housemate’s birthday. This was a great way to celebrate finishing my placement and to start summer. Initially, when I came home to Cardiff for the summer I had a friend from university come visit me, and it was great fun to show him around Cardiff. From Cardiff, we went on to Swansea for another housemate’s birthday. It was great to visit the beaches in the Gower and West Wales. Whilst we were in Swansea, we were able to all go on a night out to celebrate his birthday, this was a good experience to meet his friends from home. I found that a very good way to spend my time away from university was with my friends, it was great to just relax with them and have a good time without the work load.

Shortly after I left Plymouth I was back again for the MTV Crashes Plymouth Event on the Plymouth Hoe. As we still had our house contract until August we had a place to stay, and the tickets were cheap so a few of my house mates and myself thought it would be fun to all come back to Plymouth for it. We all brought some friends from home to Plymouth with us, and it was great to meet new people and find out more about what my friends were like before university. I would definitely suggest going to this event as there were some world renowned artists there, and it only cost us £27 for both days (in 2017). 

I also managed to visit London with my family and see the Whale Monument in the Natural History Museum. I also went to Spain for 2 weeks, visiting Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. At the end of summer, one of my course peers held a mini music festival in West Wales to which lots of my university friends attended. This event was a great way to finish the summer, and spend a few days on the beaches of West Wales with my friends and relax before university starts again.