My experience in Halls

Having gone through the clearing process, it meant I had to sort out my accommodation quickly and I ended up staying in Astor House, a halls of residence near the Hoe.

From my interview when I walked past Astor House, I always liked the look of the halls. The day after my interview I asked for a look round them and thought it was definitely the best place for me to stay. It was a great place to meet people and I made lots of friends from all across the UK. I was also able to walk to university in just 10 minutes and it was close to the Hoe which is has some lovely views even in the rain.

I do feel that living on campus is useful as you are able to go to your flat at lunchtime. I used to go to my coursemates place at lunchtime because of the distance I lived away from the main campus of the university. I also found that if I had rugby after my lectures I would have to bring my kit with me as it took too long to go back and get it.


Until next time,